At Piarco Air Services Limited, our highly trained and experienced Ramp personnel specialize in conducting all commercial/charter, private, cargo, VIP/VVIP, military, diplomatic, technical stops or air-ambulance (medivac) flights with an unparalleled level of efficiency whilst complying with the necessary stipulated regulations as set by TTCAA, AATT and of course the service expected by you our valued customers.

Our range of services which are available on a scheduled 24-hour basis include positioning and allocation of manpower and necessary or requested ground support equipment at the assigned gate or ramp position a minimum of 1 hour prior to aircraft arrival and departure. We offer aircraft handling services inclusive of grooming, lavatory, potable water, rotation of catering and cargo/baggage reconciliation on a full range of aircraft from private M20P (MTOW 1200 Kgs approx) to as large as commercial B737-8 (MTOW 80000 Kgs approx) to even military C5 Galaxy (MTOW 418,000 kg approx).

We pride ourselves in maintaining a pristine safety record of no major accidents in our entire length of operations at both Piarco and ANR Robinson Intl Airports. This is accomplished through rigorous initial employee training, probationary periods and constant monitoring of proper airside safety procedures when ramp personnel are handling flight operations. A safety net for the distant possibility of an accident or incident occurring on our watch is our annually renewed Aviation Liability Policy covering up to USD $5 Million in damages.

Although we can accommodate last minute handling requests given the onhand availability of resources, we urge you to book our services once your flying dates are confirmed!


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