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The Cargo Department at Piarco Air Services Limited has in an ingrained understanding of the urgency of movement of courier, mail and cargo operations from both incoming and outgoing bookings.

Our courier services include obtaining pre-notice 24 hours prior to aircraft arrival for incoming and outgoing. For incoming courier transfers, we ensure documents such as transhipment bills are processed in the fastest possible manner and notification of any 3rd party handler is done within the same time frame, for incoming local courier transfers permits to remove goods are processed as same. With outgoing courier bookings we ensure that once packages are confirmed and loaded onto respective aircraft, we notify the listed parties wheels up upon departure.

One of the most stringent and secure transfers of the Cargo operations is mail handling. Cargo operations agents are notified by our Ramp personnel as soon as the mail is offloaded from an aircraft with specifics such as mail quantity and flight information, which is then transferred to secure mail holding bins at the holding shed. Following this, the Trinidad and Tobago Postal Service (TTPost) performs checks on these bins between 4-5 times daily for forwarding on available flights. Additionally, TTPost also ensures all outgoing mail received for forwarding is transferred on available flights before dropping off additional mailbags. Cargo operations agents assume responsibility for incoming and outgoing transfers by physically tallying with TTPost and Ramp agents and signing for receiving of documents.

Due to a wealth of 40 plus years experience of handling cargo operations, our priority in advising customers in making outgoing cargo bookings is based on logistics of most direct routing and rates, even in instances where we may not be directly handling a customer's shipment, unless insisted upon.

The benefits of cargo bookings with Piarco Air Services Limited be it general cargo, dangerous goods, human remains, perishable or cold storage, pharmaceuticals or vaccines, live, include similar or cheaper rates to shipping lines, preparation of cargo export documents inclusive of in-house customs brokerage to expedite cargo movement based on facilitating necessary shipping bills and Caricom invoices, shipper's declaration as deemed necessary based on port of unloading, cargo reservation booking confirmation of space availability on next flight for proper arrival estimate.

Following this gross weight and dimensions of cargo is used to calculate chargeable volumetric weight and a shipping Airwaybill is processed based on provided shipper and consignment information, nature of cargo and methods of freight payment, whether prepaid prior to departure or collect upon arrival at destination. Cargo is then transferred to respective shipping line and confirmation of departure is subsequently relayed to the customer or emailed proof of delivery by consignee can be requested by shipper.

For incoming cargo all pre-alert manifests are received a minimum of 12 hours prior to arrival and subsequent to offload from aircraft and tally by ramp and cargo agents, incoming documents are then processed. Upon collection of documents, customers can proceed to clear their cargo with the Customs officers at the respective Customs Bonded warehouses based on requests for location either Hold at Port or transfer to our in-house Bonded warehouse. In the event that incoming or outgoing cargo bookings are delayed, we personally notify our port of loading agents as well as inquiring consignees as to live updates on estimated arrival times. Lost/ Missing or Damaged cargo is also investigated by cargo agents and reported to port of origin agents as well as consignee to file necessary claims.


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